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Bakkesmod Rocket League trainer

About BakkesMod

Think about ‘soccer and cars,’ and you have Rocket League! Who knew how fun it would be to play a game that combines soccer and car? Rocket League is a sport-based video game that has taken the gaming world by storm!

It was developed by Psyonix Studios and is a one-of-a-kind video game that gives an adrenaline rush to every player. For those who love cars and soccer, this is the game for you!

The game features a competitive game mode that keeps the players on their toes. It has fast-paced gameplay that requires teamwork and outmaneuvering opponents. Players can play in either single-player mode or multiplayer mode.

Now, what makes Rocket League so different from other soccer games? It is all about rocket-powered cars! Every player gets to choose their car before the game that comes with various customizations.

The cars have an interesting rocket boost feature and can even fly by combining the jumping and boosting features. Players win the game by scoring the highest points in the arena. Many gamers love the illustrious gameplay and the technicality of the game.

However, it is obvious that no matter how good a game is, it always falls short of perfection. It may either be the GUI option, the new skin, or even a bug that needs fixing. Nevertheless, mods are available for the game to get rid of such issues.

One such mod is BakkesMod which provides some features or options that the original game may not have. BakkesMod is the one Rocket league mod that is deemed essential to fully experience the thrill of the game!

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What Is Bakkes Mod?

After playing Rocket league, do you think the game needs more features or customizations? If yes, then BakkesMod is the one mod that you should definitely install for the game! Whether you want to design, customize, or train, the mod accommodates all your requirements perfectly.

BakkesMod brings along tons of new plugins and exciting features that can take your gameplay to a whole new level. The mod enhances the game knowledge and training ability of the players and really adds to the core gameplay.

Some of the features of this mod include new paint finishes for your car, display options, audio and many more. The mod boasts of a number of popular plugins such as the rebound plugin, redirect plugin and others.

Gamers love BakkesMod for these plugins since they allow you to customize your gameplay altogether.


BakkesMod hosts a long list of features. However, we have listed some of the most popular ones according to their category.

New Options in Freeplay

Every beginner knows how crucial Freeplay’s are to get the hang of the game or to brush up your skills. There is no shame in aditting that we have all gone through the stage of practicing as much as we can through Freeplay.

Freeplay allows you to try new tricks, new strategies and basically just have a lot of fun while playing the game. When you have BakkesMod, it makes your experience even more exciting. The mod comes with a few new features and options that players can choose from in Freeplay. Some of them include:

  • Players can check the number of boosts they have used in the game.
  • Can add more sounds for your jumps
  • Players get the option to either on or off their scoring goal
  • An exciting addition is to choose an infinite number of flips!
  • You can even check the speed of your scoring goal in the game chats
  • Players can select a variety of colors for the arena and the car.

Along with the above features, some other interesting features catch every gamer’s eye! Do you know that you can actually see if you can flip the car by changing the color? Also, players get to control the ball with the number keys on the keyboard and even with the D-pad on the controller.

For Ranked Matches

Rocket League is known for its thrilling multiplayer gameplay. Ranked matches make the game more fun when gamers players are competing against each other. However, many a time, these ranked matches don’t come with additional features or plugins that are useful for the players.

To overcome such shortcomings, BakkesMod comes loaded with some useful features that players can use during ranked matches. Some of them include:

  • Players can choose to hide the XP screen at the end of the match.
  • The mod can also show matchmaking ranks in the scoreboards and in the queue menu.
  • It comes with a feature that shows “Good Game” after every match.
  • Players can instantly save the replays of every match.
  • Players can choose to stop the display of item drops at the end of every match.
  • Players can even access ranked icons released by Psyonix on April Fool’s day.


Now, if you are somebody who likes to remain anonymous to play the game, you will love this feature. BakkesMod allows you to hide your in-game titles, scoreboards, your cars, avatars, and even your name.

If you want to chat then, you can always use the quick-chat mode at all times. Along with the anonymity, bakes mod gives you many other options such as adjusting your gravity, game speed and even your boosts.

Players even have the option to see FPS on the screen, use the developers’ console and other features along with these.

New Items

Adding new items to your game always enhances your gameplay and creates exciting opportunities during the game. In the case of Rocket League, any new item added will be the additional makeup of your car.

When you use BakkesMod, you get to customize your car and change its outlook altogether. You get options to choose from a myriad of new items such as new trails or wheels, boost animations, new color paints for your car; you can even choose new engine sounds.

The list doesn’t end there! Players can even add a quirky antenna to their cars, add new hats, and many more! Another great feature about BakkesMod is improvising and using your designs. Yes! Players can easily create codes through this mod, share their own skin designs, and use them.

Bakkesmod Plugins

BakkesMod comes with a huge number of features and options that players can add to the game and use them. However, you cannot use all the features in a single mod and hence, the developers allow players to use plugins.

Plugins are a great way to enhance the mod’s ability to introduce new options in the game. It enables players to add more items, configurations and other options. Several plugins are available, such as Dollycam, Airdribble, Kickoff Practice, Auto Replay Uploader, and Mechanical Plugin.

If you like to add plugin commands in the console window, then you click on the F2 menu and choose the Misc. option. Thereafter hit the “~” key on your keyboard while bringing up the console window.
We have listed out some of the best plugins that BakkesMod has.

Training Plugins

  • Shot_waitbeforeshot: If you want to keep a time lag between taking a shot and setting the ball, then you can use this plugin. You can even set the ball, taking into account the location of the player.
  • Shot_countdowntime: To start the countdown timer during striker training, you can use this plugin. The timer will be in seconds.
  • Shot_load shotname: This training plugin enables you to load a shot.
  • Ball location: As the name suggests, the ball’s location can be determined by checking the X, Y, Z coordinates.
  • Ball Stop: You can reset the ball using this.
  • Player location: Determine the X, Y, Z coordinates and locate the player’s location using this plugin.
  • Player stop: Reset the player using this plugin.

Redirect Plugin

Redirect plugin is an important plugin you need in the game, and it enables players to pass directions and change shot speeds in the game. However, it may not be very precise, but it still works great.

  • Redirect_pass_predict 0|1: You can pass the ball to the next player by predicting the ball’s movement with this command.
  • Redirect_shoot_speed (number): This plugin allows you to change your rebound shoot speeds. The values range between 0-2000.
  • Redirect_pass_offset (number): To make x/y offset passes, you can use this plugin. The value is between 0-5000.
  • Redirect_pass_offset_z (number): This plugin is for z height offset. In this case, the value is from 0-3000.

Defender Plugin

Defender plugins are famous among players of the Rocket League. These plugins enable players to change the shot speed, reduce cooldowns, etc. As a defense mechanism, this plugin even shoots the ball at the net. Given below are some of the best defense plugin commands you can use in the game.

  • Defender_start/stop: You can use this plugin to either start or stop your training gameplay.
  • Defender_cooldown(X): Use this plugin to fix the cooldown period between shots. The timer is set in milliseconds.
  • Defender_shotspeed(X): Players can use this plugin to increase or decrease shot speed in the range of 0-2000.

Rebound Plugin

This plugin is used to change rebound shots in the game.

  • Rebound_shoot: This plugin will let you shoot a rebound shoot back.
  • Rebound_shotspeed (X): You can adjust your shot speed between 0-2000 with this.
  • Rebound_addedheight (X): You can change the added height using the same values as the shot speed.

Kickoff Plugin

  • Kickoff_load (X): If you wish to load a kickoff, then use this plugin and input a range between 1-6.
  • Kickoff_load 0: This plugin allows you to load the next kickoff.

Touch Minigame Plugin

The Rocket League game features a number of minigames in it. If you want to either stop or start any minigame, then you should use these plugins.

  • Touch_stop
  • Touch_start

These are some of the popular plugins in BakkesMod. Along with these plugins, you also have some basic commands that can help you throughout the game. Let’s check them out!

Basic Commands in BakkesMod

  • Gamespeed1: Players can input values in the range of 0.01 to 10 and either decrease or increase the game speed.
  • Debug ball/player: This interesting command allows players to print either their ball or player info on the console.
  • Writeconfig: This command allows you to make your key configuration changes permanent. You can do so by writing all the changes in the config file.
  • Training_predictball: This command is really helpful while scoring. It draws a line and allows players to predict the ball’s trajectory.
  • List maps: All the maps that are in the game are listed through this command.
  • Training_scoring 0|1: This is mainly for the Freeplay mode, which allows players to either keep their goal-scoring on or off.
  • Roadmap: As the name suggests, players can load any of the available maps. This can be used even in Freeplay mode.
  • Boost set|add|remove unlimited|limited|0-100: This command allows you to make unlimited changes to any boost.
  • Log keys 0|1: This command allows you to add all the keys to the console.
  • Alias alias name “action”: If you want to customize your command for any form of action, then use this command.
  • Torq X Y Z F: This command enables players to add a spin to their balls. You can input values between 0-6 to get a spin. You must try number 1 as it gives the best spin.

All the above-mentioned commands are almost all that you can use in Rockey League; if you want to get more information on the plugins or any kind of commands, then you should check out the Steam Community Page.

Can I get banned from Rocket League if I use BakkesMod?

No, don’t worry about it at all! As long as you use BakkesMod and its plugins online, there is no way you are getting banned from the game. In fact, there are many players who have been using BakkesMod for years now, and no one has been banned by Psyonix so far.

The logic is simple here- BakkesMod is not a mod that gives an advantage to any player over others. In fact, it only allows players to experiment with their displays, cars, visuals, and so on. Psyonix doesn’t have any problem with players using this mod because it only adds new configurations and some new items to the game.

However, you should know that the new owner of the game is Epic Games, so you never know how they would decide. But, so far, no cases of bans have been reported, so you are good to go!

Can You Get Banned For Using Bakkes Plugins?

In simple terms, No, you won’t get banned if BakkesMod is online or its plugins. Since this mod doesn’t add any sort of advantage to a player, but rather adds some new items and configurations, the developers are fine with it.

Moreover, this mod is being used by many players for a long time now, and none of them had been banned for that reason. This should tell you that Psyonix doesn’t have any problems with players using the BakkesMod in their games.

There is a slight chance that this can change. Since Epic Games bought Psyonix and now owns the Rocket League, you never know if and when they would decide to ban this mod.

How can I install BakkesMod?

Downloading and installing BakkesMod is not rocket science. It will just take a few minutes for the full process to finish. However, there are a few things you should know before downloading BakkesMod in your comp. We have listed down the important points about the process- have a read!

  • Download BakkesMod from the original download page. Once you have finished downloading, run the file.
  • If you have an anti-virus in your computer, then there are chances that the anti-virus software or your Windows Defender will see the file as a threat. Turn off your virus protection or add BakkesMod to the exception list to avoid this.
  • Next, you will see that as you run the BakkesMod file, it will first extract the .exe file. Run the extracted file.
  • Once that is done, you will need to install the mod.
  • After the installation is complete, you will have to run the file once again. If any updates pop up, then click on the update.
  • After everything is complete, run BakkesMod on your computer.
  • The next step is to open the game, but while doing so, make sure that you don’t have any other tabs open in your comp.
  • When you open the game, you will notice that BakkesMod has been added to your game.

Can I add new plugins to Bakkies Mod? How?

Yes! You can add new plugins to the BakkesMod. In fact, installing new plugins to the mod is super easy and won’t take you more than a minute. Here is a detailed explanation of how to go about the whole process.

  1. The first step to adding any new plugin is to open BakkesMod and keep it running in the background.
  2. Go to the plugin to wish to install and choose the option” Install with bakkesmod.”
  3. After you click on the option, you will see a pop-up that will ask you to “Open Plugininstaller.” Click on that, and now your plugin will begin installing.
  4. Once you see that the plugin is installed, simply click on “Enter.”
  5. The next step is to open the game and click on the mod menu directly. You can get the mod menu on the screen by clicking on the F2 button.
  6. On the mod menu, you will see the ” Plugins tab.” Click on it, and you will see the newly installed plugin.
  7. If the plugin is not enabled yet, then simply click on “Enable plugin.”

Common problems with BakkesMod

Why is my BakkesMod not working?

Your BakkesMod may not be working because you haven’t updated it yet, or there may be other reasons too. Most of the time, it is because you have updated the mod on time. If that’s the case, then try the options given below:

  • Check if your mod is of the latest release. You can check which version of the mod you are using. If it is an older one, then it needs to be updated.
  • For the game, you will need the x64 VC Redist. Make sure that you download the latest version of it too.
  • After everything is done, you need to restart your device.i f you notice that your problem still isn’t fixed, it could be because of another issue. In such a case, go ahead and check out the Troubleshooting page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Plugins in online multiplayer modes?

Yes, you can use plugins, but remember that you cannot use all the plugins when playing in multiplayer mode. It is always advisable to first do a thorough check of the plugins that are usable in online matches before using them. There are a few plugins that can lead to a ban when used in the wrong manner.

Can I install Bakkesmod for the Epic Games version of Rocket League? How do I do it?

Yes, you definitely can! The process to install is almost the same as how you install the mod normally. Here is a quick guide:

  • Begin by downloading the mod first and then extracting the files therein.
  • Run the files and then follow the instructions that will pop up on the screen, and your installation is complete.

If you are still unsure of how to go about it and need full step-by-step instructions of the process, then check the installation tutorial given above.

What about car skins? Can I get them?

Yes! BakkesMod provides new paint colors/finishes to the players. However, players cannot change the body of the car.