Alpha console bakkesmod plugin for Rocket League

Alpha Console Plugin for BakkesMod

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  • Made by: Maximods
  • Updated: 2 days ago

About Alpha Console

Originally, AlphaConsole was a 3rd party customization application for the popular game “Rocket League” by Psyonix. After a brief run, the program shut down in March 2020. Then it was revived as a BakkesMod plugin. The BakkesMod AlphaConsole plugin is a port of numerous features of the legacy AlphaConsole program along with some new features.

The AlphaConsole plugin development is currently focused on cosmetic changes with other BakkesMod loadout tools. However, all the cosmetic changes will be local to your game installation, meaning other people wouldn’t see them.


Not every feature from the legacy AlphaConsole program is present in the plugin; some may never come. But tons of other features are already available from the old app and new ones.

  • Custom Ball Textures – Change the ball’s look (disabled in public matches)
  • Custom Banner Textures – Select your favorite from a list of additional banners
  • Goal Defence Textures – Change the shields to a team’s logo of your choice
  • Custom Decal Support – Design your own decal for which you can use on your car
  • Custom Topper Support – Fashion yourself a hat to use on your car
  • Wheel Textures Support – Design looper wheels for your ride
  • Custom Antenna Support – Create your own antenna
  • Podium Celebrations – You can choose your favorite explosion for your victory celebration
  • Config Changes – Main Menu customization, April Fools ranked icons
  • Custom Game Modes – Play other custom game modes with friends
  • Reactive Wheels – Wheels that get brighter as you speed up
  • Training Enhancements And Modes – Developed to assist you in getting better at the game
  • Underglow – Customize your car with RGB lights for the underside

There are more features to be added in the future as well!


To use the AlphaConsole plugin, you must have BakkesMod installed. What is Bakkesmod? BakkesMod is a 3rd party program for the game Rocket League that enables you to access extra features which are not found in the game. You can use the program to customize your car (on your client), improve your training and more.


If you don’t have it installed, then head over to the download page to download the latest version of the program. Then make sure Rocket League is closed and install BakkesMod.

Now that you have BakkesMod click on “Install with BakkesMod” on the AlphaConsole plugin page. There is an alternative method to install AlphaConsole if that doesn’t work:

  1. Open BakkesMod in-game by pressing F2
  2. Select “Plugins”
  3. Select “Plugin Manager (beta).”
  4. Open the Plugin Manager
  5. Type 108 in the blank space
  6. Click on “Install by ID”

Using The Plugin

Now that the AlphaConsole plugin is installed, all that is left to do is to learn how to open the plugin menu.

To do this, simply open the Rocket League. Then press F5 to open the plugin menu. Or you can access it from the BakkesMod plugin menu as well. You can also change the key-bind for the plugin using the “Keybinds” menu in the BakkesMod settings.