Attachment Rescaler for BakkesMod

Attachment Rescaler for BakkesMod

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  • Made by: Maximods
  • Updated: 4 days ago

About Attachment Rescaler

Do you love showing off your antenna in Rocket League? Ever thought the size wasn’t enough? Ever wanted to have a gigantic antenna for your car? Well now you can with the Attachment Rescaler mod!

Go for any size, from teeny tiny, to massively huge. It’s a hell lotta fun playing around with your car antenna. What’s more, you can even change the size of your toppers. How cool is that?

No matter what the design, this nifty little trick will let you change the size of your car’s attachment.

How to use the Attachment Rescaler?

To enable the plugin, all you have to do is type in these commands.
rescaler_enabled (0-1). Choosing the number as 0 will disable the plugin, while selecting 1 will enable it. Switch the plugin on, and if you feel like you’ve had enough, you can set the value at 0 to disable.

Now let’s get to fun part, how to actually rescale the size of the antenna.
It’s very easy, all you have to do is type in the following commands:

  • rescaler_antenna_scale (0.1-50)

0.1 being the lowest value, will give you the smallest size. But if you want to beast up that antenna size, we suggest taking things to the extreme.

Setting the value at 50 will give you just that. An antenna triple the size of your Rocket League car. Oh yeah baby! That’s how we roll.

Now you can drive around while being the ultimate beast. Your opponents will see you coming from miles away, while they sweat in the driver’s seat.

This will definitely set the tone for the race. We recommend setting it at the maximum value, just to get that adrenaline running. But wait there’s more, the attachment rescaler works for toppers as well. How cool is that?

To change the size of your car topper, just type in these simple commands.
rescaler_topper_scale (0.1-50)

Setting the value at 0.1 will give you the smaller size. But who in the world wants that? We know the reason you’re here is to find out how to get gigantic toppers.

So lets just set the value at 50 for maximum immersion. All puns intended.
We admit, setting the scale to the maximum gives the game a different level of fun! So go ahead and try out the Attachment Rescaler plugin by Bakkesmod.

No more driving around with a puny sized antenna or topper. In the world of Rocket League size matters just as much as speed. The bigger the size, the bigger the metal!

We personally love this mod as it gives us a chance to get creative and have a laugh! After all, mods do beat vanilla in any circumstance.

You can download the plugin from our site. Check out the plugins section for more amazing mods and plugins for Rocket League. Until then keep racing with your giant-sized antenna. Show them who the king of the road is!