RocketStats plugin for Bakkesmod

RocketStats Plugin for BakkesMod

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  • Made by: Maximods
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About RocketStats

RocketStats is a plugin for the popular 3rd party customization program BakkesMod, which allows users to display various information regarding the session in the game and/or OBS such as MMR, wins, losses and streaks. It is a popular plugin for people who want to record their progress in the game (like a tracker). The plugin also serves as a valuable tool for streamers who want to display information on their streams.


There are a variety of features that RocketStats offer.

  • Showing the current MMR
  • Showing the MMR lost or gained during the session
  • Showing the current streak
  • Showing the number of victories achieved
  • Showing the number of defeats
  • Showing the estimated rank

All these features are linked to the game mode that is chosen and will be retained if the game mode is swapped. There are two display modes available. The presented data is customizable and may be enabled or deactivated using the BakkesMod settings.


To use the RocketStats plugin, you must have BakkesMod installed. What is Bakkesmod? BakkesMod is a 3rd party program for the game Rocket League that enables you to access extra features not found in the game. You can use the program to customize your car (on your client), improve your training and more!


If you don’t already have it installed, go to the BakkesMod website and get the most recent version. After that, shut Rocket League and install BakkesMod.
Now that you have BakkesMod go to the RocketStats plugin page and select “Install with BakkesMod.”

If it doesn’t work, there is another way to install RocketStats:

  1. Open BakkesMod in-game by pressing F2
  2. Select “Plugins”
  3. Select “Plugin Manager (beta).”
  4. Open the Plugin Manager
  5. Type 30 in the blank space
  6. Click on “Install by ID”

In-game Overlay

The plugin already has a default display for the in-game display. However, if you wish to customize the display of the overlay, then you can do so.
Simply edit the images displayed in the overlay by changing them in %appdata%bakkesmodbakkesmodRocketStatsRocketStats_images.
The files which are used:

  • win.png (the trophy icon)
  • crown.png (the medal icon, which used to be a crown)
  • loose.png (the red cross icon)

All of the rank images, but make sure not to edit them, or the plugin will cease to function.

OBS Overlay

For the OBS display, you will need to find “” Here are the steps for using the OBS overlay.

  1. Create a “media source” and then check “Local file”
  2. Head to where you stored “” or your own overlay. The provided overlay is just an example of an OBS overlay; you can create your own overlay as well!
  3. In order to display information such as losses, wins, streaks and MMRChange, create a source “Text” and then choose “Read from a file.”

The entirety of the data is available in text files which can be found in %appdata%bakkesmodbakkesmodRocketStats. A “Browser” source needs to be created and configured for the rank image display. The required file is “rank.html” and is present in bakkesmodRocketStatsRocketStats_images.

The stream can also be animated while boosting. The same steps apply to it.

The file is “boost.html” and it can be found in bakkesmodRocketStatsRocketStatsRocketStats_images”. The logos can all be changed to your own, but the video formats need to be “.webm”, “boost.webm” and “noboost.webm”.